Band Promos – Trace Your Steps

 ( - Chris Romano)

Trace Your Steps is a band that I’ve shot live a few times now.   This was the first time I’ve shot band promos for them, and we came back with some great results…

 ( - Chris Romano)

 ( - Chris Romano)

 ( - Chris Romano)

 ( - Chris Romano)

 ( - Chris Romano)

 ( - Chris Romano)
Can’t go wrong with a little Photoshop work when the sun isn’t out to give to the legit shot you want.


This was a fun time.  Pat Kennedy, drummer for the band, had a spot in mind when the band asked me to take some fresh promo shots for them.  It was this preservation society spot, where an old long island train rests.  Luckily as well, the day had the perfect mix of overcast clouds and sun, if only a bit chilly out.

After taking a few shots in front of the train, we journeyed into the woods nearby.  In there, we discovered numerous trees that had completely uprooted and fallen over, likely from the intense winds of Hurricane Sandy back in October 2012.  This made for a great back drop for a metal band.

I had a great time shoots these promos, and it was just a fun editing them as well.  We finished the day with more than enough variety to keep the different locations fresh, and allowed me to tinker with different editing styles.

Check out some live photos I shot at a recent show of theirs, opening for I, The Breather here: Live Music – Trace Your Steps @ Revolution

Check them out on facebook here:

And give them a listen on their band camp here:



Nikon D600 w/ 24-70 2.8 lens, and 80-200 2.8 for solo portrait shots.

Lighting: primarily Nikon SB-700 in a 21″ beauty dish camera left, and SB-900 bare far camera left.  Triggered using Nikon CLS.

Some shots made use of a Nikon SB-900 using shoot through parabolic umbrella.  You can tell the difference based on the harshness of the light.  It’s always good to have variety.


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