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On the Vans Warped Tour 2013, there are hundreds of bands playing, and hundreds more musicians.  Some of these musicians wear ear-protection, or even custom ear-protection/monitors.  Like guitarist Quinn Allman of The Used who rocks these custom Adventure Time monitors, most of the musicians have a favorite team or some sort of custom artwork on them.  Thanks to all the mega-pickles of my D600, I’m able to zoom in close and see the little details that are present…


One of the first bands I shot on my Warped Tour day were pop-rock band The Summer Set.  Here, I see that bassist Stephen Gomez has some sort of symbol on his custom in-ear monitors.  If anyone knows what the symbol is/means, comment below and let me know.



Wildman Bert McCracken of The Used has an ant (or a spider maybe?  looks more like an ant to me) crawling over his in-ear monitors.



Easily my favorite design from what I could find, bassist Jeph Howard, also of The Used, has an 8-bit Super Mario on his monitors.  I’m not sure if he has Luigi on the opposite ear, but if he does, that would be pretty bad-ass.



Drummer Paul Koehler of Silverstein has a simple X on his.  Perhaps it stands for something, but I’m not sure what.



Keeping things high, drummer Matt Nicholls of Bring Me the Horizon has a pot leaf on his custom monitors.



Meanwhile, Matt Kean of BMTH has some sort of royal symbol on his.  Perhaps of a favorite football (soccer) team?



Nearly all the members of August Burns Red  have custom monitors, with the exception of vocalist Jake Luhrs, who doesn’t seem to wear anything.  Guitarist Brent Rambler does wear hearing protection, but they do not have any artwork on them.  Lead guitarist JB Brubaker here however has what looks like logo of baseball team the Philadelphia Phillies on his.



I didn’t get a real clear shot of ABR bassist Dustin Davidson, but it looks like his monitors have a neat sky blue color and possibly some sort of small symbol.


August Burns Red - Holmdel, NJ - Warped Tour 2013

Drummer Matt Greiner also of ABR has a neat little drum set and what seems like a tiny fish on his monitors.



King Biggie.  That’s what guitarist Jack Fowler of Sleeping With Sirens has on his.  RIP B.I.G.



Gabe Barham, the drummer for Sleeping With Sirens, keeps it simple, using SWS’s logo on his monitors.



For Justin Hills, bass player of Sleeping With Sirens, I didn’t manage to get a shot that clearly shows the symbol on his in-ear monitors.  It looks like something unique to say the least.  For the record, if SWS vocalist Kellin Quinn wears monitors, there is certainly no way I could have seen them, because his hair completely covers his ears (and almost always his eyes as well!) in every shot I took of him.



Its hard to see through his hair, but to no one’s surprise, Beau Bokan of blessthefall sports the logo of his favorite basketball team, the LA Lakers symbol and colors on his monitors.  It matches will with his Lakers jersey and his “stay gold” tattoos.



Hailing from Michigan, David Stephens of We Came As Romans has the logo of Detroit, Michigan baseball team, the Detroit Tigers, on his monitors.



Kyle Pavone, also from We Came As Romans, has another Detroit team, the Detroit Red Wings, on his.



Last but not least, when I was shooting at iso 6400 because of the fading sun, I managed to catch that Ash Purdy of Black Veil Brides has a blue star with studs around it on his in-ear monitors.  It almost looks like a Dallas Cowboys symbol, but I don’t believe that is intentional.


And from all 2,000 photos, and 20 bands I shot at the Holmdel, NJ trek of this years Warped Tour, those are all the unique in-ear monitors I found.  I’m sure quite a few more musicians on Warped Tour have unique monitors as well, but these were the ones I found from the shots I took.  Be sure to stick around as I finish posting the rest of my Vans Warped Tour 2013 galleries, as well as a unique wrap-up post!

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    Paul’l in ear monitor desing is for the STRAIGHT EDGE lifestyle 🙂

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