Music Video – My Kingdom – Good Time

A few weeks ago, my friends in the band My Kingdom put together a cover for the compilation, Covers For a Cure: Volume 2.

The song they chose to cover was the Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen song,  Good Time.  They decided they wanted to do a party music video for it, and asked me to work as the Director of Photography for it. 

Working alongside our friend Edward Blumenthal, we worked to create something that was a huge departure from the usual melodic hardcore videos, opting for a light and fun video.  I’ll admit its a bit rough around the edges at times, but I’m extremely pleased with the entire second half of the video.  I ended up taking over and doing all the editing for the video.  It made the most sense since I already had an idea of what all the footage looked like, and I had the most time available to do it.

We filmed it at the Anthony, the drummer’s parent’s Montauk, Long Island house, which was the perfect spot for a summer video.  All the extras in the video are family and friends, some members of local Long Island bands, some members of past bands.  You’ll even see Anthony’s dad pop in randomly for a bit.  It’s his house, so we figured it was only far to sneak him in for a bit!  Overall, it was a “good time” (no pun intended… ok, maybe a little).

I’m pretty proud at how it turned out, and I hope it gets noticed and does well.  Covers For a Cure is a great cause, because cancer sucks, and anything anti-cancer is good in my book.

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