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Live Music – Coheed and Cambria @ The Paramount

One of my absolute favorite bands, playing at one of the venues that is closest to me.  Coheed and Cambria stormed their way to The Paramount on Long Island, and by a bit of luck, I was able to get a last minute confirmation to photograph them…

Live Music – I The Mighty @ The Paramount

A pretty killer young band, I The Mighty, hit the stage recently opening for Coheed and Cambria at their Long Island show.  While ITM certainly rocked, the light they had for their performance was a bit odd to deal with, but thankfully I was prepared…

Live Music – Bullet For My Valentine @ The Paramount

I first heard about Bullet for My Valentine a few years ago, when they were touring as an opener for Iron Maiden.  As Henry Rollins once said, when you’re opening for Iron Maiden, the fans there are there for only one thing; Iron Maiden.  So just managing to survive those tour dates earned my respect.  Fast forward […]

Live Music – Black Veil Brides @ The Paramount

Only a few short months ago, I shot Black Veil Brides for the first time, while at Warped Tour (which you can see here: Black Veil Brides at Warped 2013), so I had an idea what to expect: mainly, lots of screaming girls behind me, and a highly energetic band in front.  With lights and a larger […]

Live Music – Stars in Stereo @ The Paramount

2nd times a charm right?  Back in February, I first saw and shot Stars in Stereo at the very same venue, The Paramount, when they were opening for Flyleaf and Drowning Pool.  Now touring almost non-stop, they’re right back here again, this time opening for Bullet for My Valentine as part of the Monster Energy Outbreak tour.  With one less guitarist, and a bit longer set, […]

Live Music – The Chariot @ Santos Party House

The Chariot‘s final New York City show.  Was I there for it?  You’re god damn right I was.  I wouldn’t miss it for the world…

Live Music – Glass Cloud @ Santos Party House

Lets all say hello my new favorite live band to shoot, the hardcore/metalcore/post-hardcore/deathcore/djent/mathcore band Glass House!  Really though, I have no idea what to “catergorize” them as, because they are like 10 genres in one….

Live Music – Anchorlines @ Candy’s Magic Pub

Anchorlines is an unsigned melodic hardcore band from New Hampshire that always gets a great reaction down here on Long Island.  As they are currently gearing up to a pretty big tour for them with Lions Lions, they made a stop near by me at a local pub…

Live Music – Katatonia @ Irving Plaza

The beautifully doom-laden and melodic Katatonia recently made a stop a Irving Plaza in New York City, and while lighting for them was dark, blue, and moody, that didn’t stop me from getting some shots of this metal band… and their long hair.  Mainly their hair.

Live Music – Cult of Luna @ Irving Plaza

Strobes, smoke, and darkness.  That’s just about all there was for Cult of Luna recently, when they co-headlined with Katatonia.  Not being able to see the band makes shooting them pretty difficult…

Live Music – TesseracT @ Irving Plaza

TesseracT are a progressive metal band hailing from the UK, and they sound soooo good live…