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Live Music – The Menzingers @ Webster Hall

Right at the start of their Rented World tour, punk rock band The Menzingers filled up Webster Hall in New York City, and essentially brought back old school moshing and punk crowd sing-alongs and crowd surfing, and I was there for it…

General Photography – Fashion Photography Shoot with Band Merchandise

A few ago, I did something I really haven’t done before – a fashion shoot.  But its always good to experiment and go out of your comfort zone, right?  With some custom tailored band merchandise, me and a few friends ventured to a unique urban place, and tried to see what I could do…

Live Music – Steel Panther @ Irving Plaza

No one judges you at the glory hole – especially not the mighty Steel Panther.  Warriors fighting for beer, babes and boobs, the heavy metal band with hilariously dirty lyrics came back to Irving Plaza in New York City for what I believe was a sold out show – and they of course killed it.  I was there to take […]

Live Music – Tour Photography – The Safe & Sound Tour

Back in the first week of April, I went on tour with my buddies in the band My Kingdom.  Along with us was A Crowd Like You (also from Long Island) and Awake at Last (from Delaware.)  It was a wild ride, and I would do it all again in a heartbeat, but here is my tour photography report from […]