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 (Chris Romano)

While I’ve taken photos of My Kingdom over and over again, one thing we never did was a full out promo shoot.  In attempt to do something a bit different and out of the norm, myself and Joey (the rhythm guitarist) conjured up this idea for a poker shoot that would stand out among the usual “tough guys in front of a wall” promo shoot…

 (Chris Romano) (Chris Romano) (Chris Romano) (Chris Romano) (Chris Romano) (Chris Romano) (Chris Romano)

 (Chris Romano) (Chris Romano)

Notes on band promos for My Kingdom:

It took quite a bit of time to set this one up, but it was certainly all worth it.

I used four lights to bring this to life.  2 bare lights behind for rim lighting, and a beauty dish in front for main.  Then, I had a speedlight boomed above for just a bit highlight/fill and to bring some light to the cards and money on the table.  I can’t really say what the lighting settings were, because I changed the settings quite often while shooting (most often on the light boomed above.)

We did a few different setups, but the one I think the band really wanted and liked best was the first shot of the post (the action one.)  It gives each band member some personality and unique life.  This is the kind of promo shoot I will hope to continue to do in the future – because its unique, fun, and feels more like I’m “making” a photo instead of just taking one.


Nikon D600 w/ 24-70 2.8 tethered to laptop via Lightroom

Impact 22″ Beauty Dish w/ Impact Monolight

2 Bare Monolights

1 SB-900 boomed above with small softbox

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