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 (Chris Romano)

Band Promos for A Crowd Like You.  Old museum?  Check.  Not “tough guys in front of industrial things” like 99% of other bands do these days?  Check.  Party stuff?  Well… you’ll have to click more to see that…

 (Chris Romano) (Chris Romano)


Extras (non finalized/retouched) –

 (Chris Romano) (Chris Romano) (Chris Romano) (Chris Romano) (Chris Romano) (Chris Romano)

Notes on band promos for A Crowd Like You:

When the guys came to me and said they wanted to do some new promos, I decided I really wanted to get a specific look and shoot it inside.  Similar to the shots I did for My Kingdom, I used a 4 light set up (2 side rim lights, one beauty dish as main/fill and a backlight with a gel) for the standard “guys looking tough shot.  But once I brought out a black backdrop, we started to do the shots I had in mind for this band.  They’re a fun band, and I really wanted to use some props and just mess around.

Also note, the top 3 shots are retouched and finalized, the rest here and just fun ones that I like.

For promos, I really want to move more in to conceptualized things, and really plan it out.  The “people standing around bored” thing is done to death, and I just want to bring something new to the table.


Nikon D600 w/ 24-70 2.8
Tethered to Capture One pro.  3 400 w/s impact monolights with a beauty dish, and 2 paul buff large foldable softboxes (with grids) and one sb-900 with an orange gel (for use as a “fireplace” light)

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