Band Promos

Band Promos – A Crowd Like You

Band Promos for A Crowd Like You.  Old museum?  Check.  Not “tough guys in front of industrial things” like 99% of other bands do these days?  Check.  Party stuff?  Well… you’ll have to click more to see that…

Band Promos – My Kingdom

While I’ve taken photos of My Kingdom over and over again, one thing we never did was a full out promo shoot.  In attempt to do something a bit different and out of the norm, myself and Joey (the rhythm guitarist) conjured up this idea for a poker shoot that would stand out among the usual “tough […]

Band Promos – Band Promo Photography Pricing

Current Prices – for Unsigned/Local Bands For bands signed to a label, please inquire by e-mail –  chris (at) In addition – photography for events, sports, weddings is also available.  For samples and pricing, please inquire by e-mail or by phone at 631.320.8815 . All options include a blog post of the best photos on this […]

Band Promos – Jessie’s Girl

Jessie’s Girl is an 80’s rock cover group, playing hits like, “Don’t Stop Believin‘”, “Billy Jean“, and even “Ghostbusters“.  When doing band promos for them, my goal was to have each member show a different personality in each shot…

Band Promos – Trace Your Steps

Trace Your Steps is a band that I’ve shot live a few times now.   This was the first time I’ve shot band promos for them, and we came back with some great results…