General Photography

General Photography – Rebecca Winter/Christmas Lights Photography

It’s cold outside, and that means its time for some LED bokeh.  Rebecca and I went and found some Christmas trees in the cold weather to make the best of all them lights…

General Photography – Rebecca Fall Photoshoot

Fall.  Leaves.  Girl.  All these things combined made up this recent fall photoshoot I had…

General Photography – Halloween Photo Shoot

With the weather in Nw York getting cold out again, I felt like it was finally time to get a shoot going on a backdrop.  With a Halloween idea brewing in our minds, I had Rebecca and Ashley play a bit of dress up and take some witchy looking photos…

General Photography – Bloody Photo Shoot

Bloody blood everywhere, and not a drop to drink…  What’s more fun than a red haired model covered in blood?

General Photography – B&W Vocalist Portraits at Warped Tour 2014

I’m usually not a huge fan of converting things to black and white, but sometimes, it just works.  Near the end of my first day of shooting Warped Tour 2014, I had to think of a way to challenge myself a bit.  My challenge for this year?  Take shots that would be almost MADE for being in […]

General Photography – Fashion Photography Shoot with Band Merchandise

A few ago, I did something I really haven’t done before – a fashion shoot.  But its always good to experiment and go out of your comfort zone, right?  With some custom tailored band merchandise, me and a few friends ventured to a unique urban place, and tried to see what I could do…

Live Music – Tour Photography – The Safe & Sound Tour

Back in the first week of April, I went on tour with my buddies in the band My Kingdom.  Along with us was A Crowd Like You (also from Long Island) and Awake at Last (from Delaware.)  It was a wild ride, and I would do it all again in a heartbeat, but here is my tour photography report from […]

Band Promos – H2NY “Bleed” Video Shoot

Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph H2NY, a rock band from the UK who came all the way to New York to shoot a video for their song, “Bleed.”   Working with a very well known director, it was quite a unique and cool experience…

General Photography – Cross Country Landscape Photography

One of my favorite types of photography other than music is landscape photography. Previously, the furthest that I’ve even driven in my life was from New York to Ohio and back.  When a friend of mine needed to make a cross country trip for a new job, he asked if any friends wanted to make […]

News – The Little Details of Warped Tour 2013

On the Vans Warped Tour 2013, there are hundreds of bands playing, and hundreds more musicians.  Some of these musicians wear ear-protection, or even custom ear-protection/monitors.  Like guitarist Quinn Allman of The Used who rocks these custom Adventure Time monitors, most of the musicians have a favorite team or some sort of custom artwork on them.  Thanks to all the […]

General – Amelia’s First Birthday

  I recently took photos for the 1st birthday of my friends Mike and Patricia’s daughter, Amelia.  She is a pretty adorable kid.  Here are some of my favorite shots from the day: