Tips – How to Photograph Drummers (And not suck at it)

You know that guy or gal, sitting down, with all those circular things around them?  Yeah – that’s the drummer.  You shouldn’t forget about them.  They like it when photographers get photos of them too.  “But they’re so far away!” You may say. “I can’t get a good shot of them!” You may think.  But […]

Tips – Instagram Tips – Getting the Best Quality

Alongside Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is one of the biggest social media applications available today.  As a photographer, its a great way to quickly gain exposure, whether you want to take photos with your smart phone, or show off your shots from your fancy DSLR.  However, if you’re planning on importing the shots from a […]

Tips – Why To Shoot RAW (and edit in Lightroom)

Very often, people say to me, “the skin tone in your shots is so great, isn’t that difficult to do with concert lighting?”  And the answer is: yes.  1000 times yes.  However, in the digital age, there are some tricks that can be used to get everything looking “as it should”.  However, it is only possible if […]

Tips – How to Research a Live Music Gig

Let’s say you’ve gotten the opportunity to photograph a well-known touring band.  A photo pass with your name on it is waiting for you at will call, and you’re ready for it.  Exciting right?  In order to get some great shots, all the technical and gear requirements aside, what can you do, research wise, to […]