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Band Promos – My Kingdom

While I’ve taken photos of My Kingdom over and over again, one thing we never did was a full out promo shoot.  In attempt to do something a bit different and out of the norm, myself and Joey (the rhythm guitarist) conjured up this idea for a poker shoot that would stand out among the usual “tough […]

Live Music – Tour Photography – The Safe & Sound Tour

Back in the first week of April, I went on tour with my buddies in the band My Kingdom.  Along with us was A Crowd Like You (also from Long Island) and Awake at Last (from Delaware.)  It was a wild ride, and I would do it all again in a heartbeat, but here is my tour photography report from […]

Live Music – Tonic @ The Paramount

A band who was at the height of popularity in the 90s from extended radio airplay, Tonic arrived at The Paramount in Huntington, NY alongside Vertical Horizon.  A super easy band to shoot led to some simple but nice looking shots for you to check out…

Live Music – Issues @ Best Buy Theater

Melodic r&b core?  Poprapcore?  Nu metal hip hop core?  I don’t know what Issues can be classified as, but they’re a band composed of former members of the now defunct Woe, Is Me, and they are climbing up the ranks quickly.  Opening for Bring Me The Horizon as part of The American Dream tour, this band of dudes know how to […]

Live Music – secondhand smoke @ BrickHouse Brewery

This past weekend I had the pleasure of catching a performance at a small local bar in Patchouge here on Long Island, The BrickHouse Brewery.  The band performing was secondhand smoke, who play covers of well known rock and jazz tunes, such as The Beatles, “She’s So Heavy”,  Pearl Jam’s “Animal”, and Jimmy Hendrix’s “Crosstown Traffic.”