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Band Promos – My Kingdom

While I’ve taken photos of My Kingdom over and over again, one thing we never did was a full out promo shoot.  In attempt to do something a bit different and out of the norm, myself and Joey (the rhythm guitarist) conjured up this idea for a poker shoot that would stand out among the usual “tough […]

General Photography – Fashion Photography Shoot with Band Merchandise

A few ago, I did something I really haven’t done before – a fashion shoot.  But its always good to experiment and go out of your comfort zone, right?  With some custom tailored band merchandise, me and a few friends ventured to a unique urban place, and tried to see what I could do…

Live Music – Tour Photography – The Safe & Sound Tour

Back in the first week of April, I went on tour with my buddies in the band My Kingdom.  Along with us was A Crowd Like You (also from Long Island) and Awake at Last (from Delaware.)  It was a wild ride, and I would do it all again in a heartbeat, but here is my tour photography report from […]

Music Video – My Kingdom – Good Time

A few weeks ago, my friends in the band My Kingdom put together a cover for the compilation, Covers For a Cure: Volume 2. The song they chose to cover was the Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen song,  Good Time.  They decided they wanted to do a party music video for it, and asked me to […]

Live Music – Local Hardcore/Metal Bands @ The Vibe Lounge

Last night was a party at The Vibe Lounge in Rockville Center on Long Island, where are mix of hardcore and metal bands came together for a good time to celebrate a vast amount of folks birthdays…

News – My Kingdom Live Music Video

I shot a live music video, and here were the results: