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Live Music – KoRn @ The Paramount

Flashback to the mid 1990s, when nu-metal was on the rise, and KoRn was there at the forefront.  I’ve saw KoRn late last year, and during Mayhem this year, but had yet to shoot them.  This time however, I finally got my shot to play with what I saw was their amazing lighting…

Live Music – King 810 @ The Paramount

Growls and screams from the Detroit bred metal band King 810 as they opened for KoRn on an off date from the Slipknot tour at The Paramount in Huntington, NY…

Live Music – Skeletonwitch @ The Paramount

Opening things up for Amon Amarth for their US Deceiver of the Gods tour, Skeletonwitch was the first of three heavy metal bands to take the stage at The Paramount in Huntington, NY recently, and I was there to photography them in all their wickedness…

Live Music – Enslaved @ The Paramount

Rolling around as the main support for Amon Amarth for their Deceiver of the Gods US Tour, the Norwegian progressive death metal band Enslaved took to the stage at The Paramount, and I was there to shoot them for their opening set…

Live Music – Amon Amarth @ The Paramount

While I may have missed the chance of shooting them at 2013’s Mayhem Festival, no better how bad the ice, snow, and wind was this winter night, I was not about to miss the mighty viking kings, Amon Amarth.  After a sold out show in New York City, they traveled a few minutes east to The Paramount in Huntington, New York.  I […]

Live Music – 38 Special @ The Paramount

Possibly best known for the hit song, “Hold on Loosely,” rock band 38 Special took to the stage at The Paramount in Huntington, NY recently, and I was one of the few photographers in the pit there to capture this very brightly lit show…

Live Music – Anathema @ Gramercy Theatre

For the first time in over 10 years, Anathema, a progressive rock group hailing from the UK, had come back to the US for a tour.  For this tour, they managed to sell-out the Gramercy Theatre in New York City, and they played their hearts out for the crowd.  Taking photos of them on stage […]

Live Music – Death Ray Vision @ The Studio at Webster Hall

With Shadows Fall’s vocalist Brian Fair, Killswitch Engage’s bassist Mike D’Antonio, and a few lesser known, but just as talented folks, Death Ray Vision is born.  Essentially a group of friends from Boston, DRV seeks to bring back the old school hardcore style that has been shifted over these days in favor of metalcore/deathcore/post-hardcore and the like.  While shooting a live video of the band, I […]

Live Music – Filter @ The Paramount

Opening up for Stone Temple Pilots, Filter played at The Paramount in Huntington, NY recently.  Was I blown away?  Nah.  Was I more impressed than I thought I would be?  Yah….

Live Music – Stone Temple Pilots w/ Chester Bennington @ The Paramount

So you know that hard rock band from the 90’s that has songs on the radio all the time?  Yeah, Stone Temple Pilots, that’s the one.  Well, they went and kicked out their  lead vocalist, who by all accounts, has caused them nothing but problems and fustraition over the last 10 years.  And you know […]

Live Music – The Bayside Tigers @ Canal Room

Being a kid/teenager in the 90s had quite a few fantastic things: Nickelodeon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Beavis & Butthead, and of course, some of the best pop rock every made.  Cover band “The Bayside Tigers” brings not only the loves for that time and its music back in full force, but does it with […]

Live Music – Every Time I Die – All Stars Tour 2013

“Another romp with the Buckley brothers and their 3 friends?  Don’t mind if I do!”.  That’s what I said when I had to chance to shoot Every Time I Die on the inaugural date of the 2013 All Stars Tour…

Live Music – Chelsea Grin – All Stars Tour 2013

As the last band on the bill before the headliners for this year’s All Stars Tour, dethcore group Chelsea Grin had a lot of weight of their shoulders to try and get the crowd really pumped and moving…

Live Music – Capture the Crown – All Stars Tour 2013

Making a trip all the way from Australia to the US to participate in this years All Stars Tour came metalcore group Capture the Crown…

Live Music – Veil of Maya – All Stars Tour 2013

Storming the stage of the All Stars Tour, Veil of Maya brought some progressive metal to The Paramount recently, just don’t call it djent…

Live Music – iwrestledabearonce – All Stars Tour 2013

“What the hell am I hearing right now?”, I could hear one of the security guards in the photo pit saying, as iwrestledabearonce played their confusing but wonderful mix of metal, rock, pop, hardcore, screamo, jazz, circus jams, etc., during this year’s first night of the All Stars Tour…

Live Music – For All Those Sleeping – All Stars Tour 2013

Mike Champa of For All Those Sleeping had the crowd “following his voice” when they took the stage during the first night of this year’s All Stars Tour at The Paramount in Huntington, NY…

Live Music – Stray From The Path – All Stars Tour 2013

For the opening night of this years All Stars Tour, local alternative group Stray From the Path set things on fire by playing a new song for the first time live, and tearing through all their other set list staples that drive hardcore fans nuts.  And who had all access for their set?  This guy right here….

Live Music – secondhand smoke @ BrickHouse Brewery

This past weekend I had the pleasure of catching a performance at a small local bar in Patchouge here on Long Island, The BrickHouse Brewery.  The band performing was secondhand smoke, who play covers of well known rock and jazz tunes, such as The Beatles, “She’s So Heavy”,  Pearl Jam’s “Animal”, and Jimmy Hendrix’s “Crosstown Traffic.”